760x500The SRT & SpR therapies are self-healing methods which have helped thousands of people around the world. This does not mean however that they can help everyone. The healing process can be different for each individual and the results can never be guaranteed or directed to a specific outcome or time frame. The practitioners who apply the therapies are not trained to advise you on serious medical issues and do not seek to replace the medical advice of your doctor or psychotherapist or to stop or alter the medication and/or treatment which you are prescribed to take.

The prices listed for our available sessions are listed as such, so you can have a reference point as to the typical times required and amounts generated. This however might not be how you experience your life. No one else lives your life or has your problems and each person experiences different degrees of ease or difficulty in understanding and letting go of negative thoughts and patterns. Therefore comparing yourself to others and how they managed to do this or the other is really not very productive. The idea is to solve our problems, in the most effective, beneficial and inexpensive way. To do this, we might manage it instantly or have to repeat it many times. This is of no importance. In order to heal we need to apply the required remedy for as long as its necessary, without counting and comparing, simply because we want to respect our truth and rhythm.