Ethics Committee


The SRA Ethics & Standards Committee is responsible for holding the vision and clarity of the SRA Code of Ethics and to maintain quality competence and integrity of students, consultants, and teachers of the SRT system. Therefore, in order to assist individuals in choosing an SRT practitioner, a list of Certified Consultants and Teachers in good standing with all SRA guidelines are listed on the SRA website.

It is the intention of the SRA to empower each individual with the necessary information to make informed decisions when choosing an SRT practitioner and whether they are in good standing with the SRA Code of Ethics.

With this goal in mind, the SRA has adopted a method to educate our community and the public of those not adhering to the ethical practices and standards of the SRA. This has taken the form of a “Caution List” found in the SRA’s monthly newsletter “Ascension” and on the SRA website. Those individuals who have made deliberate and serious infractions of the SRA Code of Ethics will be listed under the Caution List. The sole purpose of the Caution List is to bring awareness to the SRA community and public that the practices of these individuals are outside the SRA’s acceptable code of conduct and therefore the integrity of their SRT work cannot be ensured. This list is not intended to be punitive but rather an informational tool for individuals to make informed decisions when choosing an SRT Practitioner.

The SRA Ethics & Standards Committee would like to invite you to share in the intention for greater understanding, clarity, and cohesiveness in the SRA’s Code of Ethics. We look forward to joyful growth and expansion.

What constitutes an ethics violation?

While the range of ethic issues varies, there are some complaints and violations that we have found to be most common. These complaints and violations are:

  • False claims about the level of training: Falsely claiming to be a Certified Teacher, Certified Consultant or Practitioner of SRT when the level of education in the SRA system is not that which the person claims to be but a lower one.
  • False practices: Not being trained to practice SRT but claiming and pretending to practice SRT.
  • False advertising: Making claims about SRT & SpR that are not true.
  • False use: Using SRT to prescribe medical treatment or change prescriptions, or to predict future events, etc. For a deeper understanding of this matter please refer to the SRT & SpR page of our website.
  • Not keeping SRT pure: Although our SRT professionals often practice other modalities, they are asked to keep their advertising of SRT specific to SRT and separate from other modalities.
  • Other unethical behavior
  • Gross overcharges

Please ask the professional with whom you wish to work with, to specify their level of experience and expertise and the appropriate charges for the agreed work. The pricing guidelines listed on our website are simply there to inform you about possible costs. Every professional has his own practice for which they are responsible. However, if you feel that an ethics violation took place, please let us know. All reports are investigated with discretion and confidentiality.

What does not constitute an ethics violation?

SRT clears the negative energy and programming we have accumulated over our lives. The indications of the negative energy and programming that is discovered and cleared during an SRT session will reflect your own energetic choices over time which can be conscious and known or unconscious and unknown to you at this time. These indications can sometimes be unpleasant for us to face and accept. An SRT practitioner is obligated to tell you what he/she finds during the clearing session and such indications are not considered violations regardless of how unpleasant they appear to us. We are spiritual beings in physical bodies and have lived countless lives. The accumulated energies from these lives vary and have nothing to do with who we are now and what our intentions are in this life.

How do I report an ethics violation?

An ethics violation has to be reported in writing by one or more individuals to the Ethics & Standards Committee ( If you don’t speak English you may write your letter in Greek and we will be happy to translate it for you and forward it to the SRA. Verbal complaints cannot be taken seriously and will not be reported.

What happens when I report an ethics violation?

All ethics violation complaints and reports that are sent to the SRA are strictly confidential. Therefore your name will never be mentioned in any correspondence or transaction to the person you are reporting. The SRA Ethics & Standards Committee will then do dedicated and careful research into the complaint and/or ethics matter, clear issues with SRT and write instructional letters to correct problems that often get a cooperative and positive outcome. For the few who do not reply or comply as requested, the Ethics & Standards Committee uses the Ethics Caution List to warn our SRT Community worldwide to be cautious about these persons who have refused to cooperate toward more ethical actions for the highest good for all. The Ethics & Standards Committee thanks all of you who have been concerned about potential ethical issues and have helped us to maintain SRT & SpR pureness and a good public reputation for the whole SRA community.

Ethics Caution List

For the latest list of persons who are on the Caution List in your country, please visit the SRA website by following the link provided: Ethics Caution List