Vision & Mission

mission-and-visionOur vision is to support and promote the Universal Consciousness of Peace and Unity by empowering each person who wishes to gain awareness of inner connection with Spirit and use it to bring about spiritual, mental, emotional and physical treatment of self and community and to bless all life forms.

As a Union of workers, teachers, consultants, practitioners and students, our mission is to:

  • Allow ourselves to be guided by our inner connection with Spirit (Higher Self) for the treatment, education, personal development and offer assistance to the community.
  • Create opportunities for others, independently of religion, to learn and to practice with inner spiritual guidance.
  • Promote physical (bodily), mental, emotional and spiritual healing through training seminars, support meetings, newsletters, websites, forums and meetings around the world, using methods such as the Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT) and Spiritual Restructuring (SpR).
  • Create a community that supports the enlightenment of those who are led by the Spirit.
  • Seek ways of service for Spirit and humanity through therapeutic activities for the betterment of all life forms everywhere.