Dowsing: The basis of all seminars

Dowsing with a PendulumYears ago when I was looking to do something to solve the problems of my life, a friend of mine told me about SRT, a therapy which she said “helped people in a big way.” As a matter of fact she considered it more appropriate for me to attend the seminars since I had so many problems… I guess she felt it would be too costly for me to be a mere client. And that’s how I found myself attending the SRT seminars. I did not ask what or how, I simply enrolled. In fact I didn’t have money for both seminars, just one. A friend gave him the amount for the Advanced seminar as a gift for my birthday. And what a gift!!! And thus, that’s how my worldview changed.

In my life I have attended countless seminars of all types. All my life, I was going from seminar to seminar, sometimes traveling long hours for a “good seminar”. I’m not complaining, it was all well spent and I learned great things from great people. But if you asked me to evaluate these seminars, simply on the value-for-money basis, I would say without giving it a second thought, that the SRT dowsing seminar was the best investment I’ve ever made and for many reasons.

What is dowsing?

The discovery method and the healing of negative energy through the pendulum or rod, is called radiaesthesis or dowsing as it is known worldwide. Dowsing relies on the connection to Higher Self (a committee of responsible luminous entities that are assigned to help us with our living processes and goals) and the use of a pendulum, which operates as a receiver and a transmitter that surpasses the conscious mind and draws information from the subconscious mind where the Akashic Records are stored (the book of our life). For the discovery of information there are a numerous and specific charts from which you can find endless information. During the seminars, apart from learning the material and the method, the students receive multiple initiations.

What are the benefits of dowsing?

First I was given the opportunity to connect with my Ηigh Self and I ask guidance for all my daily issues, from the most simple and everyday items to the most complex ones. From what name I should give to the painting I just painted, what vitamins I may need, what foods to avoid, to how positive or negative is to remain in my current job or activity or how to invest the time or my money. Ever since then my relationships or my activities never needed to be an act of overcoming the “fear of the unknown” like they used to be. I never had to strive to find out, what is the most appropriate action for me at this time. This allowed me to experience life without fear. I stopped wondering if I did the right thing over and over again and put an end to the blind fumbling in the dark state of being in my life. This gave me an incredible inner calm and confidence.

Of course, the clearing of any negative energy from our lives is the biggest and best benefit and something that I recommend to everyone without any hesitation. But in the dowsing seminars of SRT, this is not the only concern or point. The guidance is also a key benefit.

I’m not claiming that I’ve always followed the guidance given to me, to the letter. Many times, I did exactly the opposite. And then, again and again, I found myself in situations that proved to me, that when I receive and ignore the information by my High Self that something is “negative” for me, it won’t be long before I find out exactly why that was so “negative” for me. Knowledge is power, but our confidence in the information given, is a road that we must always cross alone, until we learn to respect our guidance and intuition. Still, I am not at all concerned about the outcome of any situation. The point is that I walk with courage in my life and that is a priceless evolutionary outcome.

Through my experience, I have been able to help many people sort out their entangled lives in many ways. The dowsing process of SRT has been a great benefactor to the whole discovery and clearing process. For this reason, many of my clients after their sessions and after seeing their own spectacular results, want to learn the method themselves, in order to be able to help themselves and their own people in ways that none of them could initially imagine.


It is a priceless gift in life to be able to walk with the guidance and assistance of your own High Self and having the knowledge and wisdom associated with it. I’ve seen this clearly  and I am nearing a ten-year experience cycle in this method. In these years, my life changed so much, it is inconceivable for me to describe it. All these seminars I attended in the past, were able to be of real use to me, after my SRT session. The truth is that you can live your life by applying great effort and strive for a better future or to glide onward to the next day with a calm and courageous soul. The decision is purely your own to make and everyone continues, on the basis of their decisions. Sometimes one seminar can become the fundamental basis of all others. The dowsing method of SRT I feel is that basis.

Xenia Ioannidou, Certified SRT & SpR Teacher

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