Clearing for the Departed


An act of love and a blessing that allows those who have crossed to the other side to find their way to the light and reach peace!

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Many times, when souls leave the body under extreme conditions or while in a state of shock, injury or high threat, they fail to reach the light and remain earth bound and roaming (metaphysically they are called discarnates). They wander because they are still in confusion or shock and are unable to understand their new situation. The souls that wander are very confused and unbearably exhausted.

While these souls are roaming in confusion around «familiar» places and people whose lives they are interfering with, they are unbearably exhausted. These places could be the battlefield where they died or around family members or loved ones. This happens because the souls might feel responsible for the pain they have caused or are simply feeling sorry for their loved ones and think they can help them. Sometimes they can even haunt people whom they had serious differences with or places for which they still carry strong negative feelings and they want to take revenge or correct a bad situation.

The souls of military personnel who were killed in action and those who die suddenly and under great stress are very prone to this condition. A SRT cleaning will enable these souls to resolve their issues and to help them go to their right and proper place. Therefore, a «SRT clearing without research for the departed» is an act of love and a blessing that allows these souls not only to cross over to the other side properly and find their way to the light but also to reach the much needed peace and tranquility they so deserve! It also allows for their loved ones to find closure, if they so wish.

To fully understand what the discarnate soul feels and behaves while earthbound you can watch the following films:

  1. «Sixth Sense» (1999) – Bruce Willis & Haley Joel Osment, Toni Collette
  2. «Siesta» (1987) – Ellen Barkin & Gabriel Byrne, Isabella Rosselini, Jodie Foster, Julian Sands
  3. «The others» (2001) – Nicole Kidman & Christopher Eccleston, Fionnula Flanagan


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