Full SRT Clearing w/out Research


*The indicated session costs are based on an estimated average time we think it might take to complete the session. The actual cost is per hour and varies according to the time you need and the extent of your questions. Therefore, if the average time the session is listed as 2 hours and you need 3, you will be charged for 3 hours. If you like to find out how we arrive at the charges indicated please refer to our page «Our rates».


A Full SRT Clearing without Research is a full SRT clearing where all the negative energy is cleared BUT there is no research to discover what kind of negative programs, blocks and interferences were cleared. It is for people who aren’t aware that they are being cleared (they have not consented) and permission for the clearing is requested from their High Self.  This clearing is considered an act of love and it’s always allowed by a person’s High Self (except in rare cases like pregnancy) because it’s a spiritual process that allows the person being cleared to work with SPIRIT, for their own benefit in a way they feel is for their higher good. We are just loving supporters of their journey. These people can be:

  • Babies, children and other younger people where information is not given
  • It can be a sick person whom you know needs some help
  • A relative or friend whom you’re worried about
  • Anyone who is going through a tough time
  • A person you admire (but you might have never met)
  • Someone you heard about and think they can use the help
  • Someone who has crossed over to the other side (see our «Clearing for the Departed» session, lesser charges apply)


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