Akashic Records


The Akashic Records or the «Book of Life» is like a universal computer that stores all the information regarding each person, from all times. These records contain every deed, word, emotion, thought and intention that has ever existed from any given moment of our lives, in any given time in the history of the world and of course in all dimensions. These records connect all persons with each other. They contain information regarding our archetypes (find out more about the archetypes here: Archetypal Map) and deeply touch every human behavior and experience. It is the imagination of visions and inventions. They attract us to someone or repel us from him/her. They shape all human consciousness at all levels and are part of our Divine essence. It’s an impartial judge that tries to guide, to teach and to shape each person in becoming the best they can be. They include possible future scenarios that we can choose from or reject while being taught by the information they contain.

Information about the Akashic Records can be found in folklore, myths, and traditions of many cultures including in many points of the Old and New Testament. References of these records are given to us from ancient civilizations that peaked at great heights such as the Semites, Arabs, Assyrians, Phoenicians, Babylonians and much later the Jews. Often repeated by these races is the existence of Holy Scriptures that contain the history of mankind, like a complete form of Divine Information.

Something more than just a compilation of memories however, the Akashic Records have an interactive participation in our lives, which means that they exchange information with us at any given moment, exercising in this way an enormous influence upon our lives, our relationships, our emotions, our beliefs, our convictions and the possible realities we attract towards us. The weight of these records often can and does manifest as negative blocks and interferences in our lives.