High Self

High Self CommitteeMuch has been discussed regarding our divine nature and our connection to SPIRIT. Here are some common terms people still get confused about. These are High Self, Higher Self, and spirit, Spirit & SPIRIT.

High Self

High Self or the High Self Committee, is a group of higher beings assigned to us, to assist us in our journey from life to life. Many times we make reference to this committee by simply saying phrases like: «When we want something bad enough, the world conspires to give to us». In actuality, phrases like these simply refer to this committee who is in charge to bring about in our lives, all the things that we have set out to do when we chose to incarnate in this life. And even though, these committee members can change, the program they follow is strictly according to plan that is, according to the plans we made when we chose to incarnate as ourselves. Whenever there’s a shift in that committee, that change can be felt in our lives, usually as a «feeling» of being out-of-sorts with ourselves. The intensity of this feeling varies from person to person and has much to do with our tolerance of the unknown and fear issues that are lurking within us. One of the many reasons why SRT is such a high-vibrational healing method is because this committee is routinely cleared as part of the preparation process for a clearing. This ensures there are no conflicting choices in our healing process. The High Self committee is the committee that actually clears the negative energy in a spiritual healing session with SRT. The practitioner’s job is to connect with his/her High Self and request and verify that the clearing/healing session has taken place.

Higher Self

This is the much-discussed “divine essence or part” of our being, the one we truly are, that is connected with God (SPIRIT) and represents all our greatest potential, our ideal, fully realized, divine self.

SPIRIT, Spirit or spirit

SPIRIT (all caps) is the equivalent of GOD, the eternal, omnipotent, conscious and intelligent creator of all beings.
Spirit or psyche (as described by ancient Greeks), the very spiritual representation of us and the embodiment of our spiritual nature. It’s what leaves your body when you die. The word spirit, however, makes reference to the essence of things much like the way we would say, “in the spirit of things” while making reference to the non-physical aspects of a being, idea or situation.