What is not dowsing


What is not dowsing (and subsequently not SRT)

The results of dowsing and SRT have helped thousands of people live a comfortable and happy life and perhaps, it will assist you as well in attaining your highest self-expression! Dowsing and SRT are based on the connection with High Self and quantum physics and that implies certain laws that cannot be ignored, such as the laws of divinity and quantum physics. Therefore, there are certain things that dowsing/SRT are NOT and CANNOT BE since they are based on a higher spiritual connection and proven scientific data that all energy (vibrational) healing is based on.

The laws of science:

The proven scientific data regarding the essence of time and space apply to all of us, always and cannot be ignored by anyone. Quantum physics, now recognized as the most correct and accurate model of the universe, particularly at sub-atomic scales, explicitly states that you cannot exploit quantum effects to build a perpetual motion machine, or to create telepathy or clairvoyance. What that means in simple terms is that predicting the future is simply not possible since the very thing you are trying to predict, has infinite possibilities that are based on an infinite possibility of interactions (the idea of “entanglement”, the most important consequences of quantum mechanics). The idea of entanglement states that “a quantum particle (an event let’s say) moving from point A to point B will take absolutely every possible path from A to B, at the same time. This includes paths that involve highly improbable events, appearing out of nowhere and disappearing again.”

Probability is all we ever know. When physicists use quantum mechanics to predict the results of an experiment (an event), the only thing they can predict is the probability of detecting each of the possible outcomes, but they can never say definity, what the outcome of the experiment will be. Each new electron (event) is a completely new experiment and the final outcome is always random.

The laws of divinity:

The laws of divinity on the other hand, do not allow us to interfere with the free will of another person. On a practical level, therefore, if a person does not willingly disclose information about what he/she is thinking, feeling or plans to do, we cannot energetically spy on their soul (psychic voyeurism) simply because we want to know this information and for whatever purpose think we are entitled to know. These two things, therefore, the laws of divinity and psychic voyeurism are simply not compatible.

Also, trying to guess at the most likely scenario, within the infinite range of possibilities, essentially binds someone’s free will and directs it towards a specific result, which in essence controls free will and the right of free interaction, with the surroundings, at any given time, based on new information. And whatever controls free will, is NOT of the light, even if that individual willingly abdicates his/her right, to act out of free will.

For more information regarding these principles please refer to the article: “Seven Essential Elements of Quantum Physics”.

For a visual appreciation of the infinite possibility of interactions of quantum time please refer to this video: Men in Black 3 – Griffin at the Party Scene!

The laws of common sense & professional practices:

Adding to the above laws, there are always two things that make life so much easier: Common sense & professional practices. While dowsing allows us to be guided in our search for a better life, it can be limited to our level of understanding of certain things. In other words, how well we can interpret the information we receive and how much we know on a conscious level, in order to ask the next relevant question, based on the possible outcomes and consequences that entails. This is very evident in heavy information and experience-based fields such as nutrition, medicine and many other such areas of expertise and responsibility. Dowsing experience and training can help us in this realm to a certain level, but they cannot replace conscious knowledge and training on serious matters. It can only function supportively together with the guidance of the relevant field expert we have chosen.

In other words, if the dowser hasn’t been trained and doesn’t know what the required sequence of questions is, in order to give advice let’s say on vitamins or other serious medical treatments and procedures, their guidance will be incomplete and in many cases damaging. This type of guidance also entails a level of responsibility in handling the aftermath of the “diagnosis” which includes giving people the necessary options in their treatment path, which he/she simply doesn’t know. So keeping to the range of subjects the dowser knows and can accept responsibility for while dowsing, is always essential and downright required by common sense and the standards of professional practices.

So if you choose to ask from your dowser questions relevant to your health and well-being, the responsibility always lies with you and with the dowser who doesn’t know the subject and subsequently cannot accept responsibility for your healing.

Therefore dowsing and SRT cannot be used for:

  • Fortune telling
  • Predicting the future
  • Psychic voyeurism
  • Gambling
  • As a guarantee for specific results
  • As a guarantee for specific deadlines
  • Replacing your doctor/medical treatment
  • Prescribe/alter medications & prescriptions