Benefits of dowsing

What are the benefits of dowsing?

Benefits of Dowsing

The benefits of dowsing are multiple and are available to anyone who wants to be trained and apply that training. But as in all sciences, however, that takes time, clarity, precision, overcoming your fears, constant practice and further training. Even though a young child can be trained in how to use the pendulum, getting a clear connection and maintaining this connection clear and out of ego so the information is correct, is the biggest challenge and the reason why many, though trained, are unable to connect or work with the pendulum or other dowsing tools. However, for those who want to learn and take the time to practice, the benefits of using the pendulum, are immense for themselves, their family and even for the public they attract professionally for healing sessions.

Some of the dowsing benefits are:

  • The connection with our Higher Self that allows us to ask guidance on matters of life, from the smallest to the most complex issues such as:
  • How positive or negative is to start something new or stay or leave something old (my job, or any other activity)?
  • Which foods should I eat or avoid? (On matters of diet/nutrition and weight loss we always suggest common sense & the help of an expert. For medical issues always recommend the advice of a doctor or other qualified specialist.)
  • Which vitamins or supplements do I need? (with the support of an expert always)
  • What should I name the painting I just drew or the book/article that I wrote etc?
  • Where should the focus be of my next article, book, lecture etc?
  • What benefits can be available for me from a relationship or activity I want to engage in?
  • What color should I paint my wall or choose for my logo?
  • On what should I invest my time or money?
  • Which logo, career, washing machine, furniture, etc. is best suited for me?
  • How often should I do something?
  • And best of all, the clearing of negative energy from all my relationships and situations so that I may see what beliefs I need to change in order to make more harmonious choices and in what ways I should act differently in the future. My relationships and activities need not be an act of daring to overcome my fear of the unknown. Is there anything better than this?
  • And for an unending possibility of questions that arise out of everyday life