On becoming a healer

In the past decades, the demand for energetic knowledge and its powerful potential to heal has gotten much attention and thus increased the demand for reliable, competent and knowledgeable healers. Because much of the work was still «not scientifically proven» but rather in the sphere of the metaphysical (though this is slowly changing for the better), the open wide spaces allowed for all types of people from all walks of life to enter the field and do what they could for many, different reasons, some of which did not have the best intentions in mind.

However, I feel that the constant drive in the healing modalities, for the most part, is a desire to self-improve and that includes healing. After all, what is healing other than positive change? Self-improvement and the desire to fulfill our destiny are the two main reasons why most people are interested in change, to begin with. Not all persons, however, are destined to become healers. So, just because the subject interests many, that doesn’t mean that the «field» is suitable for all. In reality, there are two main reasons why people are interested in becoming a healer: They are stuck and want to get unstuck and they are deeply committed to healing. How do you know where you belong? While becoming a healer might be appealing, it’s wise to take a step back and consider the following:

You know becoming a healer is NOT for you if…

  1. You are unemployed and are looking for a job or a change in your profession.
  2. Your life is stuck in a rut and you think this will move things along in some spectacular way.
  3. You think that most people who do this fall short of your expectations and you could do this better.
  4. This appears so easy, a child could do it.
  5. You think this is where the $$$ trend leads.
  6. You want to be the next Wayne Dyer now that he’s dead.
  7. You think you are intuitively gifted (everyone is) and that’s enough.
  8. You feel this will answer everything you ever wondered about in a certain way.
  9. You feel this will solve all your problems without trying to change.

You simply want to self-improve if…

  1. You have a problem that traditional medicine didn’t or cannot solve (you don’t need to be a doctor yourself to solve this).
  2. You have been duped before and now you can’t trust people and you want to know the keys to healing for yourself for obvious reasons (Discernment, a critical thinking result, will always apply no matter how much you know or have learned).
  3. You are not well and want something more in life and you don’t know what that is (You are bored).
  4. You are naturally curious about how things work and want to learn just because (You are inquisitive).
  5. You are bored with the «normal» things and the «other side» fascinates you because it’s different and it will give you an edge (You might just think that if you are «special enough» you will be loved).

You want to be a healer when you:

  1. Have a problem that traditional medicine didn’t or cannot solve and you are deeply committed to learn and do what it takes to bring about a different result.
  2. Have been duped before and now you can’t trust people and you want to know the keys to healing for yourself for obvious reasons and are willing to study and practice for years in a never-ending quest for knowledge.
  3. Are not well and want something more in life and you don’t know what that is and you are willing to follow this to wherever it takes you.
  4. Are naturally curious about how things work and want to learn just because the idea and people interest you enough to work hard about it (e.g. You can read 20 different books on spirituality without wondering if this is a useful or cost-effective practice).
  5. You are bored with the «normal» things and the «other side» fascinates you and you are willing to explore avenues you always knew should be available and after years of being on the path, you know you are in the right spot.
  6. Are interested in listening to people’s problems over and over again (but not let them see this in your manner).
  7. Have an unending desire to help others solve their problems and you are actually good at it because they always come to you for answers.
  8. You are willing to repeat the same principles to people over and over again knowing very well that most people know very little about what you do and how it works, and/or are in a haphazard self-made educational system who could be just looking for answers and might not necessarily be committed to change.
  9. You are interested in unraveling these inner dilemmas for them while giving space and time for their pace and efforts.
  10. Can look at disease and negative patterns day after day and despite that maintain balance in your life (or at least try), even though that might prove difficult at times.
  11. Your eating & sleeping patterns will have to change in order to accommodate the healing processes whether that’s to your liking or not.
  12. You can engage in years of learning and practicing simply to know more about people and healing without necessarily looking whether or not that process is cost-effective or profitable.
  13. Feel fulfilled when people progress beyond their limitations, knowing that you can’t yet prove this and might not get full or partial credit for their progress (sometimes you will).
  14. You can support this lifestyle even though most people will think you are a quack or a charlatan and most likely you won’t be able to tell «normal» people what you do as openly as if you were in another profession like accounting?
  15. You can live with the prospect that you won’t be taken seriously by most people and you might have to hide or «skillfully present» your profession at times.
  16. You can live with the prospect that you’ll be considered «outlandish» by upright citizens and some will laugh at you or forbid you to talk about things that are contrary to what they believe (these people will most likely be your close friends or family).
  17. You might be asked not to go deeply into what you do or say something else at a family or a friend’s gathering just because they need the conversation to be somewhere specific and they love you but «you know others don’t see your light».
  18. You are willing to keep striving and improving on your talents and intuitive skills just because.
  19. You think you are intuitively gifted but you know this is only the beginning of a long journey.
  20. You are committed to find the answers even though you know that you’ll always have to learn more and still you won’t be certain at times.
  21. You know it won’t be easy but you are willing to put in the time and effort just to be good at what you do.
  22. You know that reaching a «master level» in the skill will take at least 10+ years of hard and focused training & practice.
  23. You are willing to look at your inner landscape and constantly try to BE the change you preach because you value personal integrity even though the people around you might/might not know what that involves.
  24. You constantly set boundaries for yourself and others and strive not to take advantage or be taken advantage of so you don’t give in to your fears or enable them into their own, as hard as that might be for your livelihood or peace of mind.
  25. You are committed to telling them their truth, despite the fact that the truth is sometimes difficult to do because you then have to deal with the consequences of that.
  26. You find the above principles appealing or even think that’s how life is or should be.

Xenia Ioannidou
Certified SRT & SpR Teacher
Founder of GrecoDow Systems