What is a pendulum?

A pendulum is a dowsing tool that allows us to connect with the universal intelligence, the collective unconsciousness if you will and our High Self in a way we can see and feel. When our connection is clear, the answers we get can become very strong and we can feel the pendulum’s pull in a direction.

Another way of understanding the pendulum is to imagine it as a TV antenna. This antenna can receive invisible vibrations and transmute them into images, so perhaps the inherent electrical current of our brain can also act as a receiver for which the pendulum serves as a transmitter and a detector. Albert Einstein as a user of dowsing tools believed that the pendulum tunes into the electromagnetic waves emitted by everyone and everything.

No one knows for sure how the pendulum works exactly, but we know it has been working for centuries. However, even if we don’t understand how it works, just as we don’t know how a television or radio works, we can still take advantage of it.

We do not have to be a medium to use a pendulum. There is nothing magical or mystical about its use and it can surprise us with its precision. What each of us thinks about the workings of a pendulum is of secondary importance, what matters is that it works.

The secret to a strong dowsing reaction

The secret to extra power in the reaction of a pendulum lies in its symmetry. A cone-shaped pendulum is ideal for novices who consider this to be “most receptive”. These two characteristics, symmetry, and shape make the pendulum an easier tool to use which allows the novice user to excel in their training. For experienced users, shape rarely matters as they are able to overcome any constructional peculiarities.

Dowsing is a science

Dowsing with a  pendulum it is science and as such it requires not only proper training in using it but also a thorough knowledge of the laws of nature that apply as well as the laws of divinity in order to have clear answers and a consistent connection. Everyone can work with the pendulum however learning to work with it is like learning a musical instrument. It requires practice and experimentation. Errors are part of the learning process. The results will reflect the stage of your spiritual development. Note that the use of the pendulum should not be used for egoistic reasons for psychic voyeurism but rather for the well-being of others and ourselves.