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Lately, there has been an enormous amount of information regarding the body’s own ability to heal itself. Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT) and Spiritual Restructuring (SpR) are spiritual healing methods that use universal energies (quantum physics) and a pendulum to clear the accumulated negative energy from this and past lives and also to heal any past life traumas, subconscious blocks, and interferences of all types. The instantaneous healing brought about by SRT and SpR is just an example of that power.

What happens during a clearing of negative energy?

In an SRT session you will be able to quickly and consciously “discover” your Akashic Records which are stored in your subconscious mind, find out your twin flames (those intense relationships from our Past Lives that everyone is talking about) and communicate with your High Self (your very own spiritual support committee). A Pendulum will be used as an amplifier and indicator, using a special set of charts. When the negative energies, subconscious barriers and negative programming that have accumulated over time have been discovered and identified, all subconscious discordant and limiting energies will be cleared and replaced with positive, supportive ideas and beliefs, allowing you to heal on all levels, but only to the extent you allow and are willing to see and change your truth and see for yourself what the Session Benefits are. Doesn’t that sound wonderful? Well, it is!!!

How do we clear negative energy?

The slideshow below will give you a clear visual picture of how the process is done.

Other questions you might have!

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ALWAYS start with a full SRT clearing!

It is highly essential and advisable to start with full SRT clearing the first time. This is by far the best, fastest, most effective and inexpensive way to direct your healing journey. If you select small and individual clearings, in time, you’ll need dozens of small sessions, which will cost you much more, without having the effect you’d hoped for within a reasonable time and of course is not something we recommend.

Every one of us has lived many lives with difficult and traumatic experiences. Despite the fact that each life is autonomous, the soul might choose to “hold on” to negative energies or programming from life to life. SRT can be compared to a full soul renovation and if you start from a clean slate, you’ll see and experience better and faster results. After your initial, full clearing you can have as many partial clearings you wish (giving a reasonable time for your initial clearing to work and establish the results), but only when you feel the need for something like that or you want to work on other issues that concern you and not scheduled regularly by the practitioner in the manner psychologists usually do.

It is important to understand that the clearings are completed in an equally successful manner in person or remotely or even if the other person is not aware that a clearing is taking place (without consent) by asking for permission to clear from his/her High Self but always without any research as to what was cleared. The reason why research cannot be done on clearings without consent is because there is the impenetrable spiritual right of every soul which not to allow access to their Akashic Records except when they wish to and state as such. Anything else is a violation of the laws of reverence. However, we can ask to know what concerns us, in relation to some other individual/situation.

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You may choose to work on specific issues that arise or need improvement at will. High Self, however, is the best source of guidance in this matter and you will be directed to our list of Available Sessions.